Family Chores??

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do you have chores for your children? Do they actually do them? We have a few set chores for our kids. They are still young but have things such as making beds, brushing teeth, cleaning rooms/toys. The 5 year old now has to feed the dog as well. But sometimes these simple chores do not get done. I can across a great website, My Job Chart, that will have their daily chores on there for them and they even have their own log in so that you know they did it. You assign points to each chore and when and also have rewards. Rewards are things you want to set up, dinner out, making cookies, time with mom or dad. You can even set something bigger like, camping, Disneyland or anything of that nature. When they reach the set point level for that reward they can cash in their points. What a great concept and idea.

It is free to join and just might help get your family back on track this new year. Be sure to check it out.


Amy said...

i have started chore charts a number of times and I do great at keeping track for the first few weeks, but then after that I forget to keep logging it for them and then several weeks go by and then eventually the girls notice and ask if they still have to do chores even though i'm not keeping track. I wish they were old enough to log it themselves and reward themselves... etc..