Weight Loss: HCG

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I wouldn't normally put a plug for weight loss on a bargain blog. But for this link it is the best deal short of mixing it yourself out there. In case you haven't heard about the HCG diet it is awesome and works so well. You have to be strict with your diet but when you can lose 10+ in a month it is soooo worth it. Anyway, lots of places are selling it with all these strings attached. The DIY one is the best bang for your buck if you decided to do it. The link is on a little button on the right. I have been researching it for months and this is where to purchase from. I have a sister in law who actually mixes it herself making it cheaper but having to get needles to get it out of the vials freaks me out. I would rather pay a bit more with it premixed. It is a great way to melt away all the 'excess' curves we tend to get. What is awesome is where it melts from hips, butt, thighs, lower back. All the places women store fat. Good ole pregnancy hormone is great at helping us shed that weight, who would have thunk it.

I understand that is it kind of a cheaters way out. All of my pants were just a little too tight and I can't afford to purchase a new wardrobe. The cost of the DIY HCG product is equivalent to a pair of pants, $75 or even cheaper than a lot of pairs. It allows you to re-set your body to a new healthy way of eating.

Currently I am on day 11 and am down 7lbs. I am hoping when I am done by day 40 at the end of April I will be swimsuit ready.

If you're ready to lose weight today, click on the link below. You will not regret it.

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